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A Suspenseful Day in Boston, Followed by a Great Sense of Relief


On April 19, 2013, I woke up after 6 a.m. to my boyfriend unexpectedly coming home from work barely an hour after leaving. He told me there was something going down (regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing suspect), so I got up and watched the news. We were glued to the tv for much of the day. At one point in the morning, it looked like the law enforcement officers were getting ready to close in on him, but it turned out to not be so until later that night.

In the afternoon, we decided to get outside, and take a break from the suspense. Public transportation was shut down for much of the day, so we walked along the beach, lingered, and made our way to “Sullivans”, a wonderful place on Castle Island to eat fastfood. It felt good to enjoy the fresh air, and the warmth (it was in the 70’s, the warmest it’s been so far), and to get our minds off of the events going on around the Boston area.

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There were wind surfers on the water, and they were amazing! Just watching made me imagine the feeling of flying high above the water!

The flags were at half mast, causing me to think about the tragedies that Boston (and the country and the world) has recently experienced. For many, it isn’t yet the end of the horrifying ordeal, but the beginning of the healing process, or the grieving process. My heart goes out to them.

Getting outside, and enjoying the beach at South Boston was a well-needed break from being cooped up, and the remainder of the day seemed to go by faster than the morning had. It was hours later that the end of the man-hunt came, allowing us to sleep well at night. Boston can breathe easier now!

Spring is Here

wp46 Spring has eluded us for quite some time. It  has been here for a few weeks, in reality, but the weather has not been very convincing. Warmer weather teases us briefly, and then it goes away, leaving us with chilly air, giving us goosebumps.

Lately we have had a few days in the late 50’s, early 60’s, and I am convinced that it is, indeed, Spring. We had a few days of rain that helped replace some of the brown grass with green, and I see buds on the trees, and even some flowers.

There are two things I really enjoy about Spring: Warmer weather, when we can take off our Winter jackets. Color! Everything seems to go from brown and gray to glorious green, pink, white, and red.

I enjoy life no matter what season. I appreciate each season in its own way, and each helps me to be grateful for the next. Winter is cold and gray at times, but snow can be beautiful. It is nice not to have to worry about pesky bugs for a while. But there is something about Spring after all of that cold, where everything comes back to life, and I feel like I have reawakened! It is nice to get outside more, and to feel comfortable doing so.

Right now my windows are open, letting in fresh air. My rose plant, sitting near a window, is thriving more than it ever has, and I enjoy the color.

We are almost 1/3 of the way through this season, and it is bound to get more pleasant. It is time to think about Spring cleaning, and make plans for trips in warmer weather, and to take photos of everything as it awakens from slumber. Have a beautiful Spring!